Use 3D printing technology to customize furniture and shorten the development cycle of new furniture.

Use 3D printing technology to customize furniture and shorten the development cycle of new furniture.

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SLA 3D Printing Technology Can Use 3D Model Files To Create Complex Furniture That Cannot Be Completed In The Traditional Manufacturing Process

While the living standards improving, people’s spiritual needs are also gradually increasing. Especially nowadays, young people have higher aesthetic requirements for furniture when buying a house and decorating, and they are pursuing personalized, well designed, and relatively trendy furniture decoration. However, in the current society, the production process and technical requirements of traditional furniture are very high, and auxiliary tools have to be used. Professional furniture installed are also required for furniture installation. The most important thing is that the price of custom furniture will be greater than of traditional furniture.These factors that cannot be ignored are undoubtedly hindering the development of diversified forms of furniture, and the popularity of SLA 3D printing technology can just make up for this shortcoming to a certain extent.

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      SLA 3D printing technology can use 3D model files to produce complex furniture that cannot be completed in traditional furniture production processes such as cutting and milling, and at the same time, it can print relatively perfect curve structures that are difficult to complete in traditional furniture production processes. The composite hollow structure can also be directly integrated to print the finished furniture product or print various furniture parts for free assembly and disassembly. It is not even require adhesives, screws and other fasteners during assembly.

     And these incredibly complex structures only need to be designed in any 3D software in the early stage, exported to a specific 3D format, and then imported into an SLA 3D printer to start printing, which completely omits various complicated production processes and greatly reduces personal customization. The additive manufacturing process of SLA 3D printing also avoids the waste of production materials compared with the customary subtractive manufacturing process, and also largely controls the material price within a relatively acceptable range.


         Zongheng3D has been in the field of SLA 3D printing for many years, and has rich experience in the production of SLA 3D printing prototypes. At the same time, Zongheng3D has been closely following the market demand for many years to dynamically adjust the production parameters of 3D printers for furniture manufacturers and consumers to provide a realistic 3D printing solution. Solve technical problems of custom furniture for consumers. It is also for furniture manufacturers to quickly obtain a relatively accurate furniture sample when developing new furniture, to avoid various costs such as labor and material resources brought by traditional production processes, to verify the structure of new furniture in real time, and to shorten the research and development cycle of new furniture.

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      After years of technological development, Zongheng3D has launched various small, medium and large 3D printers to meet the customization of personalized furniture, and different size new furniture research and development.

All of Zongheng3D’ printers can directly integrate and print in batches or print and assemble for multiple batches, giving furniture a diverse sense of design and future. The process characteristics of printing based on the basic parameters of the scanned 3D model make personalized, customized furniture no longer limited by the traditional production process, and completely depend on the creativity of end customers. It can also combines with traditional production processes. Some components are 3D printed using SLA, and some components are produced using traditional processes, which perfectly complements some of the defects in the two production processes, enabling end consumers to truly customize unique and exclusive furniture, and this just caters to the needs of today’s young people chasing the trend of personalized trend.

We are also very concerned about the research and development of innovative furniture by furniture manufacturers, and have the ultimate pursuit of various parameters such as printing accuracy and speed of all our printers. After years of technical research and development and repeated quality control, we have successfully controlled the printing accuracy error of the equipment between 2 mm and 0.05 mm, and the printing speed has also reached 6000mm to 10000mm per second, which can quickly print high-precision samples for furniture manufacturers. At the same time, it can also print out a variety of unique furniture structures at the same time, verify and select the most suitable samples for further optimization and improvement, and speed up the launching time of new furniture.

In the process of research and development of our technology, we also did not ignore the different actual environments of furniture manufacturers, and integrated the functions of constant temperature and humidity into the equipment, which means our machine lower requirements for the site environment when it is officially put into use, and it is not necessary to add heaters and dehumidifiers to ensure the stability of the working environment of the machine. Reduce furniture manufacturer’s cost of adding additional machines for meeting the environment requirement.

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