Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Process with the SLS 3D Printer 3540Pro

Unlocking Limitless Possibilities for Manufacturers, Agents, and Work Studios

Explore the Future of Industrial 3D Printing

Empowering Innovation and Efficiency in Manufacturing

At ZONGHENG3D, we specialize in providing cutting-edge 3D printing solutions for manufacturers, agents, and work studios. 

Our SLS 3D Printer 3540Pro is designed to meet the rapid prototyping and small batch industrial production needs of various industries. 

We are passionate about helping our customers turn their dreams into reality by leveraging the power of advanced 3D printing technology.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Manufacturing Challenges

Traditional manufacturing processes often come with limitations, including high material waste, limited design freedom, and lengthy production cycles.

These pain points can hinder innovation and increase costs. With our SLS 3D Printer 3540Pro, you can overcome these challenges and embrace a new era of manufacturing possibilities.

The 1064 Fiber laser is complemented by a fine path planning algorithm to ensure high speed printing efficiency and still ensure the integrity of the details of the parts.

The Future of Industrial 3D Printing is Here

sls 3d printing for medical and healthy care

Our SLS 3D Printer 3540Pro offers ultra-high precision printing, allowing you to create complex geometries without structural support.

sls 3d printing phototyping

By utilizing our printer, you can save on material costs, improve production efficiency, and reduce the need for traditional production lines.

sls 3d printing for consumer applications

With wall thicknesses as low as 0.3 mm, you can achieve exceptional detail and accuracy.

Experience the power of distributed production and accelerate your product development cycles.

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