The Application Of SLA 3D Printing Cultural And Creative Industries

The Application Of SLA 3D Printing Cultural And Creative Industries

The advancement of SLA 3D printing is undeniably exciting for the cultural and creative fields. Because of the intervention of SLA 3D printing technology, the model of complex surface is no longer part proportional to the cost and difficulty of production. You can easily get a model of your favorite character if you are an anime, game, or movie fan. Simply load the 3D model of your favorite character into the SLA 3D printer and you’ll get a complete high-precision model in a matter of hours. 

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SLA 3D printing technology eliminates the intricate processes of overall plasticity, detail carving, mold parting, mold turning (GK white film), grinding and correction, and painting models that were previously required to make figures. Small batches and personalized printing can be expected to be completed in a short period of time by breaking through the limitations of time and manual technology. This undoubtedly provides a way for consumers with various 3D software operation foundations to easily create products that belong to clients themselves. With the ability to create character figures in China, the character model will no longer be limited to computer data, and the lines between manufacturers and customers will become increasingly blurred.

Zongheng Additive’s SLA series 3D printers are ideal for applying SLA 3D printing technology to the cultural and creative industries. Breaking the constraints of traditional large-scale manual production or small-batch personalized customization, eliminating tedious manual production steps, one-click import, and eliminating the need for manual printing, resulting in significant savings in manual production costs.

The machine scanning galvanometer uses a German galvanometer, the scanning speed ranges from 6000mm/s to 10000mm/s, and the pointing accuracy is 0.050.2mm. Whether printing traditional animation character models or personalized customization, it can be made in a matter of hours or ten hours. Inside, prints a complete high-precision model.

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