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Rapid Prototyping

Be empowered to transition towards a digital manufacturing process and to launch innovations that have
the potential to forever change the face of your industry.


High automation of forming process good surface quality of prototype high dimensional accuracy and fine dimensional forming.

Material Available

Sla series resin with high strength high-temperature resistance high toughness, high transparency, and many colors.

High Precision

Tolerance of ±0.1mm delicate and smooth surface higher wet strength can ensure no expansion and deformation during curing

Low Cost

Extremely low-cost resin material as low as 0.035usd per gram

Empowering Innovation and Efficiency in Manufacturing

At ZONGHENG3D, we specialize in providing cutting-edge 3D printing solutions for manufacturers, agents, and work studios. 

Our SLS 3D Printer 3540Pro is designed to meet the rapid prototyping and small batch industrial production needs of various industries. 

We are passionate about helping our customers turn their dreams into reality by leveraging the power of advanced 3D printing technology.

The Future of Industrial 3D Printing is Here

sls 3d printing for medical and healthy care

Our SLS 3D Printer 3540Pro offers ultra-high precision printing, allowing you to create complex geometries without structural support.

sls 3d printing phototyping

By utilizing our printer, you can save on material costs, improve production efficiency, and reduce the need for traditional production lines.

sls 3d printing for consumer applications

With wall thicknesses as low as 0.3 mm, you can achieve exceptional detail and accuracy.

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Experience the power of distributed production and accelerate your product development cycles.

Find The Right Industry Solution For You - SLA 3D Printing

We will make the correct guidance plan according to your industry use field and requirements for material properties.

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Quickly make your ideas reality

Discover Your SLA 3D Printing Applications

Find your application area with stereolithography, and no matter what industry you are in,we can make the most
complex ideas come to life at the lowest cost, and make additive manufacturing your business path.
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Looking To Grow Your Business Or Increase Its Value? We're Here To HELP!

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