Super Maker SLS 3540 PRO

Super Maker SLS 3540 PRO

selective laser sintering 3D printer

Super Maker SLS 3540 PRO

Our company is proud to offer our customers an incredible piece of technology known as the SLS 3D Printer. This advanced printer is the ideal solution for those seeking a tool for rapid prototyping and small batch industrial production needs. With its unmatched precision and efficiency, our SLS 3D Printer can create even the most complex shapes and designs with ease, making it an essential asset for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition.

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Main Advantages

3D Printing Technology

Product Specifications

Product Model SUPER MAKER SLS-3040 PRO
3D Technology selective laser sintering
Layer Thickness 0.07~0.3mm
Gross Weight Around 650kg (without the materials)
Scanning Head High-Precision digital galvo system
Scan Speed MAX 15M/S
Material Nylon, TPU
Inert Gas Protection Nitrogen
Data File Format STL
Thermal Field Control Eight-zone heater&intelligent termperature control systems
Operating Ambient Temperature 18 - 30°C

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