Industrial SLA 3D printer - SLA 1200

SLA1200 is an industrial-grade stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer, renowned for its high precision and fast printing speed. This printer is ideal for a wide range of applications, including prototype manufacturing, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and architectural design.

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Super Maker SLA-1200

Solutions in various industry field

Industrial-grade rapid prototyping

Stable Printing Process

Utilizes SLA molding process for stable and high-quality industrial-grade printing.


Offers a more cost-effective solution compared to other printers of similar forming size.

Smaller Footprint

Compact overall dimensions for efficient space utilization.

Internal Dehumidification

Constant temperature and humidity, eliminating the need for additional equipment.

Removeable Platform

removable Platform

Removable Platform For Easy Access And Removal Of Supports

Resin Tank

replaceable resin tank

Removable resin tanks for easy pick-up and filling

Super Maker SLA-1200 Parameters

Applications Field

Solutions in various industry field

stereolithography (SLA) for medical care

an industrial-grade stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer, has found significant applications in the medical field. Its high precision and fast printing speed make it an ideal tool for creating customized medical models, dental prosthetics, and surgical guides.

stereolithography (SLA) for Architectural Design

Its high precision and fast printing capabilities enable architects and designers to create detailed and accurate architectural models, enhancing the design process and facilitating better decision-making.

stereolithography (SLA) for Shoes Mold

Its high precision and fast printing capabilities enable manufacturers to produce customized shoe molds and prototypes, significantly improving the design and production process.

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SLA (Stereolithography) 3D printing utilizes a variety of resin types

a wide range of materials with multiple applications

Sla 400 3d Printing Revolution

stereolithography (SLA) Resin Materials

SLA resin printing is suitable for applications requiring high accuracy, smooth surfaces, and intricate details. The wide range of available resin types, including standard, engineering, castable, dental, and jewelry resins, enables diverse applications across prototyping, manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer products.

355nm Transparent Resin
355nm High Temperature Resin
355nm Castable Resin
355nm Standard Resin
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