Super Maker DLP-DM200

DLP 3D printer

Super Maker DM200

Industrial power on the table

The DLP-DM200 is compact, user-friendly, and equipped with advanced features like a self-developed slicing software and a replaceable resin tank, making it a cost-effective choice for both professionals and hobbyists.

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Main Advantages

Top-Down DLP 3D Printer
3D Printing Technology

Product Specifications

Print Size 192*108*120 MM
Product Model SUPER MAKER DLP-DM200
3D Technology Digital Light Processing
Layer Thickness 0.03~0.15mm
Gross Weight Around 65kg (without the materials)
4K Light Source XY Resolution: 50μm/65μm
Z-axis Accuracy 0.002
Technology Top-Down
Material General-purpose resin, Flexible resin, Dental resins
Machine Size 450*400*800 MM

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