SLA 3D Printing Customized and Substantiated Medical Application Solutions

SLA 3D Printing Customized and Substantiated Medical Application Solutions

Substantiated Medical Application

With the improvement of living standards, people also put forward higher service requirements for the medical industry, and “customized” humanized medical services are an effective way to meet people’s service needs. The high-reduction and high-precision digital technical characteristics of SLA 3D printing are becoming more and more mature, to meet the “customized” human medical services, whether it is medical education for interns or precise treatment of patients, SLA 3D printing technology with the characteristics of quick response and flexible production, it provides a “customized” technology selection and application scheme for each working link of the medical industry, and assists doctors or medical students to escape the dilemma of “imagination.”

As a national high-tech enterprise, Zongheng3D Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been actively developing a series of SLA 3D printers that can provide “customization” for the medical industry since our establishment.

For precise treatment of patients, the SLA 3D printer developed by our company can effectively help doctors in preoperative planning. The collected 3D data of the lesion can be converted into a machine-recognizable 3D model format to quickly obtain a solid model with an accuracy error of less than 0.2 mm. This millimeter-level high-reduction accurate model allows doctors to prepare before surgery. Preparations that would otherwise be impossible, and then it can be used by multiple doctors to develop a sufficient surgical plan before surgery, which can intuitively and effectively help the surgeon familiarize himself with the specific situation of the patient’s lesion, and reduce the observation, measurement, and judgment work during the operation, thereby effectively improving the probability of successful surgery and shortening the operation time.

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At the same time, the intuitive and tactile three-dimensional solid model also makes up for the visual defects of the obscure black and white images of X-ray films. When the doctor communicates with the patient in the early stage, the 3D model can help the doctor to easily communicate with the patient, explain the condition, explain the operation process, and relieve the patient’s negative emotions of tension, anxiety, and fear.

For the medical education of medical students, our series of SLA 3D printers can print out a 1:1 ratio of various organ structures of the human body in small batches. The high-precision 3D model has a strong display ability in terms of morphology, which solves the problem of insufficient body donors and anatomical specimens. Before printing, the organ model can be appropriately adjusted to help medical students better understand Anatomical structure, combined with books to learn knowledge and skills.

At the same time, for some classic or rare clinical cases, the SLA 3D printed model can be used to explain the case study of medical students after the treatment is completed, observe and familiarize them with the surgical process and precautions at close range, and enrich the clinical surgical experience of medical students. 

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Whether it is a “customized” humanized medical service or teaching with actual models, the SLA 3D printer developed by our company can help doctors or medical students to escape the dilemma of “imagination.

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