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July 19, 2024

Application of SLA 3D printing to sports shoes samples

With the increasingly fierce competition in the footwear industry, the demand for personalized and diversified products from the young consumer generation is becoming more and more robust, and the speed of style update is the key for shoe companies to capture the young consumer market, whether it is casual shoes or sports shoes.

The development of SLA 3D printing technology provides an intelligent, automated, efficient and accurate R&D solution for new sample shoe molds. By eliminating the complicated process of traditional shoe mold research and development and importing the model into SLA 3D printer in a few hours, a high-precision shoe model can be obtained, which simplifies the production process, increases the enthusiasm of the design team for new product research and development, accelerates the speed of new shoe updates and iterations, and helps shoe companies to speed up new product launches.

In response to the application of SLA 3D printing technology to the development of shoe mold samples, Zongheng Additive Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a new generation of cost-effective, small-volume industrial-grade SLA 300 printers after continuous printing tests and application effect analysis, which can effectively improve traditional shoe molds. In the manufacturing process, the pain points such as high cost, long cycle and insufficient precision meet the design team’s R&D verification needs of small batch customization in the process of new product R&D.

sla machine application

Small volume industrial grade printer. The SLA 300 printer independently developed by SPRG is even smaller than a household double-door refrigerator, and has a built-in constant temperature and humidity system, which does not require much of the working environment and can be directly placed in the public office area for the design team to operate and use together, so that multiple people can work together in close proximity to further improve the efficiency of new product development.

sla 3d printer

The SLA 300’s core functional components are designed to be modular and integrated to achieve industrial-grade printing standards while reducing its size. Its scanning speed reaches 6,000mm/s to 10,000mm/s, printing accuracy is 0.05~0.2mm, and it can print high precision structures such as hollow, barb or lattice which are difficult to produce by traditional production process within a few hours by integration or batch batch according to actual R&D needs. The physical properties such as toughness, hardness, dimensional stability, temperature resistance, compressive strength, bending strength, etc. of the shoe mold are the same as those of traditional production processes with high printing speed.

3d printing shoes samples
3d printing shoes samples
3d printing shoes samples

SLA 3D printing technology can be seen to help in the development of new shoe molds. SLA 3D printing technology can be used to optimize the workflow of new product development in the whole footwear industry in the early stage, “printing sample shoe molds in small batches quickly, personalizing them and making them directly into film tools for lamination”.

SPRG has always focused on the cutting-edge SLA 3D printing technology, combined with the ultimate pursuit of technology and user needs as the core, constantly optimizing and iterating SLA 300 prototype machine, helping major footwear enterprises to complete the digitalization of the initial new product development, intelligent industrial upgrading, faster capture every hot spot and fashion trend, and occupy more of the younger generation’s consumer market share.

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