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July 19, 2024

Application Of ZONGHENG 3D SLA300/SLA400 Printer To Dentistry

sla 3d printing for dentistry

The series of SLA 3D printers developed by Zongheng 3D Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. have successively achieved staged success in product development, small batch production, mold casting, and trial production providing a set of simplified production processes for pre-production research and development in various industries, which helps industries quickly improve the efficiency of production and design iterations.

In the field of dental mold, our company focuses on the research and development of SLA300 and SLA400 industrial 3D printers with small appearance, simple operation, and high flexibility. The patient’s oral data model obtained by digital scanning is put into the machine for printing, and the patient’s oral entity model can be printed within a few hours and sent to the manufacturer for customization. It saves all kinds of painful molding processes for patients, and also reduces the risk of further deterioration of the patient’s condition due to the long period of the traditional molding process.

sla 3d printer
sla 300 printer size

Taking into account the working environment limitations of hospitals or dental clinics during the research and development process, we successfully concentrated the volume of SLA300/SLA400 to a level that is no different from the size of a small wardrobe without downgrading the performance of the machine. At the same time, in the machine structure that integrates the functions of the thermostat and the dehumidifier, the working temperature can be autonomously constant temperature and humidity without adding other equipment. Make the idea of having an industrial-grade high-precision model in the office come true.

In the selection of machine components, we use the galvanometer imported from Germany, the lasers are independently developed by our company, the large-format equipment has variable spot, the scanning speed reaches 6000mm/s to 10000mm/s, and the printing accuracy is between 0.05~0.2mm, and the model can be printed with high precision and other characteristics within a few hours, avoiding the phenomenon that customized oral medical products do not fit the patient’s mouth due to precision deviation. The high integration of functional parts of the machine achieves a high degree of stability in the printing process, with a yield rate of more than 98%, with one-time molding which does not require repeated rework.

inside parts
inside parts2

After the machine performance reaches the industrial-grade production standard, we focus on the actual user experience and improve the regular platform and resin tank into a removable platform and resin tank, saving operating time and effort for the post-production process and replacing resin. At the same time, a built-in camera can be added to the working area of the printer to monitor the printing process.

sla 3d printing mould
sla 3d printing mould

In the continuous research and development and exploration, we have improved the printer performance and user experience of SLA300/SLA400, and are committed to promoting the application of SLA 3D printing technology in the field of dental molds. Help dental hospitals and clinics complete the digitization and customization of treatment plans in the early stage, and improve the customization speed of oral medical products.

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