There Are Several Reasons To Be Aware Of LCD 3D Printer

There Are Several Reasons To Be Aware Of LCD 3D Printer

LCD (Liquid-crystal display) is a new technology that has emerged in recent years, sometimes called DUP. The core functionality of all LCD 3D printers is the same: they use LCD screens to cover ultraviolet light to illuminate 3D printed sections.

LCD3D printer is one of the most commonly used 3D printers on the market, but there are still many people do not understand. This article will introduce the structure and working principle of this 3D printer.

lcd printer structure
how does it work lcd printer


The 3D printer based on LCD technology is generally composed of light source, forming platform, material box and Z axis moving parts. Among them, light source and exposure screen are the most concerned problems for users. For example, the high quality matrix light source and 4K exposure screen of LCDd printer mentioned above are its greatest advantages.

lcd printer
lcd printer usage



Add light-sensitive resin to the tank to avoid direct contact between skin and resin, avoid skin sensitivity, and avoid the toxicity of individual resin itself. When the 3D printer is turned on again, the machine’s molding platform will descend. The light will “draw” a single pattern and the machine will repeat the process until the product is formed.


1: Meticulous. Because UV curing is formed from liquid resins, UV curing is much smoother than FDM molding and saves a lot of time.

2: Support various materials. At present, the market application of resin has gradually covered various uses and needs, and the number of products has increased rapidly. These photopolymeric resins are essential auxiliaries in photosynthesis, such as dyes and functional supplements.

3: The damage degree of the support to the surface of the mould is low. A resin is added to the resin groove, for example, a proppant is added to the curing process to connect to the component body.

Fast printing speed. Compared with the FDM process, the curing rate is higher.

5: Reducing costs. UV printing can save money such as prototypes, custom dental equipment, jewelry models, etc.

This is an advantage. If you don’t know what to choose, please refer to the LCD UV printer in this article. It has high precision, low cost and is especially suitable for beginners.

lcd 3d printer
lcd 3d printing

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