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July 19, 2024

SLA 3D Printing For Shoes Mod

sla 3d printing for shoes mod

Shoes Prototyping for SLA 3D Printing

Every year, shoe manufacturers release dozens, if not hundreds, of new shoe products to the market in response to the season’s hot topics in order to meet the diverse needs of a diverse group of people. With the advantages of integrated molding, personalized, lightweight, and small batch production, SLA 3D printers have unquestionably become the leading choice of shoe manufacturers. Because of the rapid market introduction, the original product design cycle and production process are shorter and more flexible, allowing the company to respond to market demands and win the segmented market. Zhuhai Zongheng 3D Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd has also been researching the use of 3D printing technology to provide high-quality and fast solutions to shoe manufacturers.

sla shoes mod
sla shoes mod 2

         The basic data of the three-dimensional model is read, and the material is stacked layer by layer through a computer-controlled laser to create a new entity. Traditional shoe mold making processes are completely eliminated by this method. In comparison to the traditional shoe manufacturing process, SLA 3D printing technology can directly simplify the complexity and produce a high-precision shoe mold sample in a very short period of time.

          The SLA 3D printers developed by Zongheng3D can print single or multiple shoe mold samples with complex patterns or curved surfaces in unit time. Similarly, its printing method is based on reading the basic parameters of the 3D model and printing with a laser. Ignore the model and its complex structures, such as hollow, barb, lattice, and other precision structures, and solve the technical difficulties that traditional techniques cannot solve. The forming rate is quick. The finished product has a high fineness and no splicing line.A wide range of functional raw materials can provide varying toughness, hardness, temperature resistance, compressive strength, compressive bending, and other properties for shoe mold samples, making it easier for shoe manufacturers to test different requirements.

Zongheng3D’s SLA 3D printer series is divided into small, medium, and large machines to meet the various testing needs of different shoe manufacturers’ industrial scales. 

       Each machine can be customized to meet the specific production needs of the shoe manufacturer. Surplus parts, such as removable mesh plates, replaceable resin tanks, and customized heating and humidifiers, could be added to achieve a stable working environment with constant temperature and humidity during the machine’s working process. A camera can also be added to remotely monitor the machine’s printing. 

        Personalized machine customization corresponds to the diverse manufacturing environment and production requirements of shoe manufacturers.

sla 3d printing for sneaker mod
zongheng3d shoes mod


          Large SLA 3D printers have dual lasers, and printing speeds have increased exponentially.

        Each series of printers has a laser printing speed of 6000mm to 10000mm per second and a printing layer thickness of 0.05mm to 0.2mm. It can meet the demanding testing requirements of shoe manufacturers and improve the speed and accuracy of shoe mold making due to its ultra-high printing speed and ultra-low error value. At the same time, each printer series operates entirely automatically, with no human intervention.

                 Nowadays, the continuous development of SLA 3D printing technology is constantly optimizing and even reshaping the entire shoe mold pre-production process. Zongheng3D strives to solve the major pain points of shoe manufacturers’ shoe mold sample pre-production, and provides more high-quality and efficient comprehensive solutions for shoe manufacturers, with years of rich market experience, combined with the ultimate pursuit of printing technology, and relying on a strong design and development team.

sla 3d printing technology

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