SLA 3D Printing Bike to Redefine Bicycle Industry’s Pre-R&D

SLA 3D Printing Bike to Redefine Bicycle Industry’s Pre-R&D

As a popular additive manufacturing technology in recent years, SLA 3D printing technology is gradually infiltrating into the Pre-R&D work of various industries such as Automobiles, Footwear, Aerospace, Construction, Dentistry, etc., redefining the process for the research and development of pre-production samples and mold production. The advantages of integrated, batch, and lightweight SLA 3D printing technology make up for the complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive product development and verification defects in traditional sample production processes. The printing technology based on the integrated molding of unit parts can effectively shorten the development time of new products to several days or even tens of hours while ensuring the quality of prototype products, without manual post-part splicing, which greatly improves the efficiency of product development. 

This popular SLA 3D printing technology can also be applied to the research and development of new products in the early stage of various bicycle industries, ranging from the overall structure of the body to the frame, as small as various pedals, seat cushions, handlebars, etc., all can be divided into batches or integrally printed.

sla 3d printing for bike
sla 3d printing part
sla 3d printing parts

The series of SLA 3D printers developed by Zongheng3D Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. integrate various advantages of 3D printing technology.

The galvanometer is imported from Germany. The large-scale equipment has variable spot technology,and the scanning speed reaches 6000mm/s to 10000mm/s, and the print layer thickness could be controlled within 0.05mm to 0.2mm, also it can print ultra-high accuracy mold sample in one-piece. By omitting other intermediate processing steps, it can also meet the batch printing of various structures, quickly verify various structural designs of bicycles, and the whole process of printing does not need manual duty, which can be printed normally during the day or night, and the sample production efficiency is significantly improved.


The equipment can match a variety of functional photosensitive resin materials, such as high toughness, high temperature resistant materials to adapt to different test environments and requirements.

At the beginning of the research and development of small-sized equipment, taking into account the pain points of end users, a replaceable working platform and a removable resin tank were developed, which provided great convenience for model disassembly and resin material replacement, and further shortened the printing time of prototype samples, and the customer experience is also optimized. At the same time, each machine is equipped with a heater and a humidifier, which greatly reduces the sensitivity of the resin.

For lightweight structures, the printed samples can also be directly applied to the new product itself to achieve different degrees of customization.

removable resin tank
different test environments

At current stage, the application of SLA 3D printing technology might be more suitable for the design and development of early-stage samples in various industries, as well as the mass production of lightweight parts. However, in the continuous innovation and iteration of future technologies, we have reason to believe, after breakthroughs the bottleneck in the performance of photosensitive resin materials, SLA 3D printing is expected to meet the finished product requirements of production applications and create greater commercial value!

sla 3d printing bike
sla 3d printing bicycle

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